The Weekend Part 1 Or How I learned To Say “FUCK YOU” To Junk Food.

May 4, 2007

In an earlier post I wrote that I was phasing out and did in fact eventually phase out soda products of all shapes and sizes. However, not unlike a retired pro wrestler, the pop will make a surprise return to team up with Popcorn when Jen and I go to see Spider-Man 3~! Come Monday I will no longer drink “the soda” and it will be my last weekend eating any kind of junk food~!

If I can get my way we won’t be buying anymore of this stuff. Even my beloved Raisenets must go! I’m still on the fence about Baked Potato Chips and Sun Chips, but for right now I consider them a fairly healthy alternative, but they might also go. It’s just time, and I think it’s stuff like this that is still holding me down. I’ve tried to cut down the junk food to a minimum, but I find that so long as it’s around I’m bound to eat it at some point.

I’ll be gone until Saturday night. Jen, Kayla, and I are going over to my parents after she gets out of work. Saturday we’re gonna go see Spider-Man 3~! It’s gonna be the best. I’ve heard nothing but awesome reviews coming out of the movie.

I wasn’t all that big on the first movie. I thought it was a little to corny in the dialog and the action, but it grew on me after a while. I loved the second film and it remains my favorite super hero movie ever, just in front of X2: X-Men United. I’ve heard nothing bu positive talk about this movie and great reviews across the board. I’m so excited I can’t even put it in to words.

Also on Saturday my boys Dave, Mark, Rick, and Eric are making their pro debuts, I wish I could be there to see it guys. Good luck to you, and please get me some footage!


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