The Weekend Part 2 Or Holy Shit It’s Tuesday Now!

May 8, 2007

So the weekend went great. We left for my parents house after dinner on Friday night. I spent most of my night play some Baseball, Xbox style. We also stayed up most of the night re-watching Celebrity Jeopardy clips on YouTube~!

We giggled all night like little girls. I eventuall fell asleep watching some Family Guy on DVD. I woke up before everyone else and hung out in my old room (which has since been converted to a quasi computer/storage room. Listened to some music and surfed the interwebs.

We caught the 2:45pm showing of Spider-Man 3. I must say that I thought it was great. In the standing of which films I prefer. I like this one more then the first but not as much as the second. I can’t wait to add it to the DVD collection. I know the critics seem torn on how good it really was, but I really dug it.

After that we headed back to my parents for some dinner, then back home. It was a good day for Detroit sports as well. The Tigers had a come from behind win, the Wings won, and the Pistons did as well, crushing the shit out of the Bulls~!

Today er Monday was pretty uneventful. We continue to watch Enterprise of Sci-Fi, I’m must admit. The show seems to get shit on a lot by the Trek faithful. However, Jen and I have found ourselves being really locked in to the show.

Speaking of locked in. HEROES was back on again tonight. Another fantastic episode.

Once again this show delivers in spades. It’s got us both on the edge of our seats for the remaining two episodes of season one. It’s still hard to believe that this show is only in it’s first season. I can’t think of a show that was THIS GOOD in it’s first season. House was great in season one, but nowhere near this great. So addicting Heroes, so addicting.


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