Is Anyone Still Reading After That?

May 22, 2007

Feeling much better now. Still nowhere close to 100%. It could be as long as a couple months before I’m totally healed back up. It’s a bummer but something I have to live with. Soon enough it will be out of the way, and I can move on with things.

I have a doctor appointment today. It’s really more of a progress check up then anything. Hopefully the news is good, or at least not bad.

I’ve been working on the follow up the World-1 Queen’s Cup DVD, the King’s Cup. It’s been kind of slow moving, but I’ve been pretty restricted with my time on here until I heal up a bit more. So far I’m enjoying the women’s show a lot more then the men’s.

Last night was the season finale of Heroes.

It DID NOT disappoint! It was truly fantastic to see a season finale that didn’t involve a total cliffhanger leading into the second season. It definitely had a conclusion, but also had a cliffhanger leading into season two. Makes no sense unless you watch the show……….. 🙂

Need to rest now, feeling kinda sore after sitting here awhile.


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