Double Stuff Heroes

May 24, 2007

May 14, 2007 – For the many fans of Heroes out there, we’ve got good news for you – At their Upfront presentation today, announcing their fall lineup, NBC President Kevin Reilly revealed there will be much more of the series to enjoy next season. A normal season runs 22 episodes, and Heroes, thanks to its popularity, had its first season expanded to 23 episodes. But in the 2007-2007 season, Heroes will present an impressive 30 hours of programming, broken into two distinct groups.

Explained Reilly, “Our season long storyline will play virtually uninterrupted for 24 episodes. Then, in the spring, the brand new Origins episodes will [air]as six stand alone episodes, each introducing a new character.” Reilly then explained that a new interactive component to Heroes “will allow the fans a chance to vote online for which [new] character will join the regular cast the following season.”

NBC is clearly working hard to deal with audience displeasure over gaps in new episodes for their most popular shows, and have also announced a 30 episode order for their hit comedy The Office next season.

Variety is referring to Heroes: Origins as a full spinoff of Heroes, though it remains to be seen if NBC will decide to continue the title past the initial six episode run next year.

Okay. This is fucking awesome!


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