May 24, 2007

Oh man am I sleepy. I got no sleep last night. I was an idiot and ate really late at night, and felt sick for the rest of it. Didn’t get any sleep, and at this point I’m just happy this thing has a spell checker, otherwise I’d be all over the map with my words. In some ways, I’m not missing the sleep though. For the last month I have had twelve dreams, and they have all ended the same way. Something I don’t feel like sharing with the internet though.

kc.jpgI finished the King’s Cup DVD. I’m happy with how it turned out. I managed to contain it to one disc! I’m not going to bother uploading th intro video, because I had to shorten it down quite a bit. It hardly counts as an intro video.  All in all though I’m happy with it. I still think the women’s show was better all around.


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