It’s A Long Road Home

June 4, 2007

Life isn’t easy. I’m pretty sure you could find any number of people to tell you that. The fault always seems to lie in not being able to to determine your own flaws. Come to the realization of them, admitting them, and changing yourself to eliminate them is harder then it sounds. It’s something I had do, and something I am still doing. But I’m getting better. And as a result, things are getting better at home.

We aren’t there yet. But I am still fighting the good fight (against myself), and I’m still striving to reach my goals. Taking care of those which matter most.

I had a very good (albeit busy) weekend with Jen and Kayla. On Saturday we went to get our first family picture taken along with a few of Kayla by herself. We were also going to go browsing for wedding rings as well. And as it turns out Jen found a wedding set she loved and the deal was so good we just took it on the spot. She’s really excited to get them in a few days.

Today (Sunday), I went with Jen’s family to church. Now hold the phone their guys. Remember, I’m Agnostic. Not Atheist, like some seem to believe. I believe in some sort of force or power behind existence, I’m not a firm believer in a lot of the tenants of religion, but I do believe that there is something, in some fashion that is responsible. I also believe that such a force and it’s existence is so far beyond our ability to comprehend, that man will never be able to understand it, and that religion as we know it today is simply an attempt to grasp it and place it in a context from which they can try to attempt to understand it. God is as good as any name you could think of for such a thing. I’ve never found going to church relevant to my spiritual needs, but I am willing to give it another try, and it is something Jen holds near and dear to her heart, and I want to be apart of that for her.

Oh yeah and what was that?

Tigers are back to their winning ways baby~!

Also got a few new videos up in that section of the blog. check em out and leave a comment if you wish.


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