Where The Hershey Pies Be At?

June 9, 2007

So yesterday was a good day if I say so myself. Jen and I were able to pick up her new engagement ring and her wedding ring! She loves them and they look beautiful on her! Pretty soon we’ll be setting off to purchase my ring as well, and soon after that is marriage (we hope).

After that we stopped off at our local BK for a small dinner. And whenever he stop off at a BK it is customary to get a couple of those wonderful Hershey Pies. We usually check our orders after getting them but usually only the burgers to make sure they were put together properly. They were and all was good. We get home and start eating, and all of a sudden we notice that our beloved pies were not there!

NO! NOT THE PIES! Okay, so it wasn’t THAT dramatic, but still left us a little miffed. Eventually we were able to get some via the “call up and complain” method.

Otherwise a good day. Kayla has been acting better as well. She had a nasty fall and got a couple of small gashes by her eyebrows. She is being a trooper though and is doing better.

Matt and Dave should be coming over in a few hours and we will chat up the new wrestling promotion and things of that sort. Should be a ho-hum day, but in a good way.


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