Losing It? It’s Already Gone Buddy!

June 22, 2007

Kayla is being a royal pain today. No idea what’s bugging her, but when she is bugged by something, Jen and I are bugged 10x more as a result. I hope she gets into the school we applied for. She can bug some other people for a change.

I sat down and watched the new Michael Moore movie “SiCKO”

Very fun watch. Much better then Farenheit 9/11. Obviously there are some of the usual lavish Michael Moore overstatements. He makes Canada, England, and France seem like a magical wonderland in comparrison to the United States. Obviously their healthcare systems aren’t perfect. If they are man made then it has flaws in it. We don’t know how to live perfectly, despite ever seeking a way to. I’m of the mindset that we NEED universal healthcare. I understand that the system won’t be perfect, and I understand it can’t be made over night. But i do think it will work, and I think it’s something that is needed for the betterment of our nation.

In other news, I’ve been working on the ROH Supercard Of Honor II music video. This was by far the best pro wrestling show I’ve ever been to live. And I am having the hardst time getting the video done. I think I might very well be nervous that the video won’t reflect how I experienced the event, which is something I strive for when making a recap video. I’ve actually been in a bad mood all day becuase I can’t seem to get this thing finished.


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