The Weekend…As It Were

June 24, 2007

Really great weekend! Okay, in some respects it was THAT great.  Friday was pretty much the null and void part of the weekend, not a lot went on really. Saturday, however was a different story.

Steve dropped by and hooked me up with my pay day for doing the World-1 DVDs for him, it’s always a pleasure. I love editing, wrestling, and having money, so it’s a dream job, one that I get to do all too rarely.

My brother  stopped by. We had to go over to my parents anyway so it worked out great. We headed over to the water fountain in downtown BC, it use to be the other third street bridge. Kayla always has fun over there.


They had some races for the annual River Roar going on that day as well, so it was cool to see some of that. We went over to the mall to go shopping for my wedding band. There were a few rings that would have been perfect. One was out of our budget, and the other fit perfectly into my budget, but it was a steel band ring. Unfortunately steel bands can not be resized. And I continue to and plan on losing more weight, so sooner or later that ring would be to big for my finger, and I couldn’t get it sized down. So I left without a ring to my great disappointment. It will work itself out though.

We went over to my parents and got done what needed to be done there. We picked up some of the pictures we took a few weeks back and they all turned out nice. And Kayla got to play with my parents new kitten Lucy. She was in love with that before she even saw it in person. She was pretty heartbroken when we had to go back home (LOL).

Today we went to the 10:00am service with Jen’s parents and her nephew Kyle. Kayla’s behavior was EXCELLENT this time around. We went back to their place for some lunch and we chatted things up and watched the kids play outside for a while.

Still working through that ROH video. It’s taking forever. Eventually I will just bare down and finish it. There have also been some issues with getting the EPIC site set up decently, hoping to get those kinks worked out by next week.

Looking forward to the Tigers game tonight. Looking for that sweep!


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