The Thing About Life

June 28, 2007

The power went out last night. As a matter of fact, it was out most of the night. Chillin by candle light was very cool though. I might do that more often, even with the power on.

A man who use to be one of my favorite wrestlers died. I’m sure you have seen it plastered all over the news. I have no respect for the man, NONE! I can’t bare to watch, let alone enjoy anymore of his body of work. I recently wrote the following….

If you can separate the two then go ahead and enjoy. I can’t. What people do in real life supersedes all that they do in pro wrestling, or in movies. The man man killed his innocent seven year old son, but man wasn’t Benoit/Regal 50 starz! If you can do that more power to you I suppose. I feel wrong enjoying anything he did, knowing what he’s done.

In some good news, I got that ROH video finally done. I told Matt before he left, that I would make him a video of his entire “backyard career” as it were. So I’m working on that now.

Kayla got in to her pre-school. She’s excited, and we are freaking out over it. I guess that’s to be expected. We are sooooooo nervous about it. She’ll be fine though. She’s a smart kid, and I think she will do just fine in school.


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