Here Comes The Water Works

July 18, 2007

So, our washing machine kicked the bucket a few days ago. Our new one came today. Ohhhh but it wouldn’t be fun if the machine was the only thing that showed up today would it? Our basement flooded…….again…..for the third time in two weeks. Plumber came, and went. Got the washing machine in only to learn that it doesn’t work for shit. The only way the cold water will come out is if the the hot water valve is closed off and we have the wash set for warm or hot water……yes you read that right. And once running the water doesn’t come on for the rinse cycle…….. Ahhhhhhh but if you reopen the hot water valve, the water starts to pour in for the rinse cycle, but it’s all hot water…………….. Son of a bitch!

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd that’s pretty much been my day.


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