A Blasphemous Movie Review & More

August 7, 2007

Okay so Jen and I have embarked on the night of 100 movies. Okay, so we’re not really watching 100 movies in one night (such things aren’t possible). What we are doing is going through our movie collection, in the order that it’s in, one movie each night. And every once in a while we borrow some flicks from my brother. He has a large collection of critically acclaimed movies that I have never seen. One of the them being the Godfather Trilogy.

I’m sure this will seem crazy, but I wasn’t all that crazy about the trilogy. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED the story, I loved the payoff at the end, the story was great. Overall though I guess i just wasn’t a huge fan. The first thing that hurt it was that I’m not a fan of the mobster genre. Add to that that I felt that the first two movies felt disjointed and lacked continuity. It felt like they just went from on event to the other never really explaining much. The third film had the continuity going for it, oddly enough it’s the one most people hate. I liked the movies okay, loved the story, it’s just not enough for me to ever want to buy them or even watch them again.

In other news I am FINALLY heading back to the University Of Michigan to have my foot taken care. A lot of shit has pushed this back more then a year, some of it wasn’t my fault, but most of it is. The appointment is on September 7th, the day before our trip to see my first Tigers game at the Copa.


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