One Ring To Rule Them All

August 12, 2007

I got my wedding ring yesterday. Who would have thought that a little thing ring would cost $200? Apparently people place more importance on that stuff then I do. Either way, I’m happy to have it. Jen and I are now just a couple of steps away from picking out our date.

Kayla got her backpack as well. She is going to be starting school on the 4th and Jen and I are really nervous, and she is really excited. She also stayed with my parents on Friday night, giving Jen and I our first night alone in four years. I won’t lie, I really liked it. 🙂

I finally caught up on all the wrestling that was sitting on the computer, now I have to plow through a few movies. Most notably 300, and Sunshine. I also have the MST3K Movie on here which I have yet to watch.


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