Tonight I Dine In HELL!

August 23, 2007

Not a lot going on around the homestead as of late, however I did catch a couple of movies in the middle of the nothingness. The first of which being the Frank Miller “Graphic Novel” adaptation of “300”.

It felt VERY similar to Sin City on a stylistic level. The story itself is based on an actual battle between Leonidas and Xerxes.  And on a broader scale the Spartans and the Persians. Leonidas really did lead 300 spartans up against a massive Persian army, in a losing effort to try an protect Sparta from invasion. The movie is told from the Spartan side of the story and in a sensationalized and mythical fashion to boot. I can see why modern day Persians would be upset at their portrayal in this version, however I’m sure if told from the Persian side of the story it would offend modern day Spartans. Excuse me while I play “What A Wonderful World”.

At the end of the day, I thought it was a pretty good flick. Worth a rent, but not a buy on my part.

The next movie I checked out was “Sunshine”. The Sci-Fi movie that wouldn’t appeal to Sci-Fi fans.

They were right. It was okay for the most part. In fact I thought it was pretty damn good until the last third of the movie.  To me it reeked of  Event Horizon. By the time the movie was over with it turned into your average ho-hum slasher movie where the good guy saves the world at the end by sacrificing himself. I think it COULD have been good, but they went a pretty predictable route to finish the movie. And that is really saying a lot because it usually takes a lot for me dislike a movie or find it predictable. It was like Gothica all over again!

On the side. Kayla spent the night at Jen’s parents. Actually they picked her up on Tuesday morning and didn’t bring her back until 7:00pm last night. So Jen and I had a lot of noise free time, and it was well spent. Kayla got to visit her first Zoo on this little vacation and had tons of fun telling us all about the animals she saw there.


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