And It Just Keeps Coming

August 27, 2007

We had a pretty calm Friday. Kayla went out with my parents as usual and we had a nice little dinner. Saturday was spent cleaning the house ALL DAY. There is literally nothing else to say about Saturday, it was spent cleaning, end of story…….

Yesterday was also pretty fun filled. We went to church with my Dad, and then we went back to their place. My parents got new furniture, it was really nice.  The pièce de résistance was a ridiculously comfortable Chaise Lounge Recliner. It was REALLY nice. We must have one. Then we went out dinner, then came home, did some more cleaning.

Today Kayla’s teacher is coming for a home visit. This is why we have been cleaning all weekend long. It’s not the end though. Sometime this week I have to go over to Bay Medical to get the films of the CT Scan I had last year, so I can take that down to U Of M for the appointment I have on the 7th. The day after that is our first game at Comerica park for the Tigers vs. Mariners game.

And I’m still doing multiple DVD projects at the moment, no pay for either of them. Jen is pretty upset over considering all the jobs put together would usually be paying me around 700 bucks all together. I  can understand her anger, we’re hitting the bottom of the barrel as far as money woes go. I’m really hoping some paying jobs come out of this. If not then I think I’m just gonna give up on providing the service and just do work for EPIC when it needs to be done.


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