File Another One Under…..

September 3, 2007

the “you’ve been really missing out” files. I borrowed season one of Scrubs from my brother over the course of the weekend.

I had seen an episode or two, here and there. I thought they were pretty good. That is, until I watched the first full season. This show is fantastic! It’s hilarious almost all of the time, however it can bring it down to be serious when needed and it does it VERY effectively. I don’t know if this trend has continued through the other season but I intend to find out.

The Tigers suck hard right now. I am not as excited for my first game at Comerica as I was a few months ago. At this point I’m just hoping that I can break my streak. You see, I have been to quite a few games (all at the old Tiger Stadium). And i have yet to attend a Tigers game that they have actually won. And with Nate Robertson slated to pitch that day, it appears the streak will span to a new stadium and continue onward and upward….er downward.


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