They Got 6, But We Got 12

September 11, 2007

WHAT A WEEKEND! Okay….deep breath……annnnd…….here we go.

On Friday my parents came out around 10:00am and we took Kayla over to Jen’s parents, and we began our trek to Ann Arbor. We stopped at a Speedway to grab some breakfast-ish type foods. Thanks to the handy dandy GPS and no thanks to some crappy construction we managed to make it on time. Got some more X-Rays done and I met my doctor for the evening Dr. Anish Kadakia. Very nice guy, very cool. So here is the news. My left foot is in bad shape. It’s needs total re-constructive surgery down the road. I’m guessing within the next year or so. Until then I got fitted for an Arizona brace, that will be a temporary fix and might allow me a chance to get a job and put some money back in to the house, since the SFear thing isn’t working out to well.

After that we headed out to FUDDRUCKERS~!


The slogan doesn’t lie. I LOVE FUDDRUCKERS! We had some good eats, then headed back to BC. Jen had the genius idea of just picking up Kayla and spending the night at my parents place so they wouldn’t have to come back out the next day. Jenny’s parents brought Kayla home, and she revealed they went to Cracker Barrel to eat. My Mom wanted to go there and buy something. Long story short we had a car accident with and old lady who wasn’t looking where she was going. Both cars were okay and so was everyone else. That was a long day….LOL

We slept poorly on Friday night. Jen made me some breakfast in the morning, took a shower, and packed things up. We headed out to catch the bus down to Mo-Town. The bus ride was pretty good. Bathroom, AC, and Flat screens with comfortable chairs. The trips down seemed to take forever but we finally got there.

Comerica is a beautiful park. Jen and I watched the Mariners take some batting pratice, then we headed off to get some food. My parents bought Kayla a pink and blue Tiger Claw which she loves, and took to bed with her that night. Kayla was fantastic, she didn’t want to ride the carousel or the ferris wheel. She watched the whole game, and jumped and cheered for the Tigers and participated in an awesome wave that circled the park seven time in a row~!


The game itself was a blast! Inge and Puge hit long balls. Maggs (Kayla’s Favorite) knocked in a few runs and got a double. Timo Perez was the man with two diving catches in one inning. It was just a great game, and more then I could expect. I made a a short video of the night. I didn’t shoot a lot of stuff, mainly because I wanted to sit and enjoy the game and not worry about catching all of the moments (which I didn’t). I just wanted to have some memories for Kayla. It’s not much but i thought the family would get a kick out of it.

The bus ride home was relaxing and we all made it home safe and sound.

On Sunday we went to church with Jen’s parents. Afterwards we picked up some Little Caesars. And thanks to the Tigers scoring more then 8 runs, and us having our tickets we got a Hot And Ready for a buck~!

This morning Kayla went to her first day of school. She loved it and can’t wait for day number 2.


One comment

  1. Sorry to hear about the surgery, I hope you are doin well buddy glad to hear you had fun at the Tigers game, I was pulling for ya to not get rained on and that they’d win…suprisingly every team I wanted to win last weekend did…MSU/LIONS/TIGERS

    and every team I wanted to lose did as well, U of M and Notre Dame

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