Good Movies Save The Day!

September 17, 2007

So not a lot has happened since the Ann Arbor/Tigers weekend. Kayla’s first week of school went well. She’s had a lot of fun, and she’s had a nice three day weekend to recover and start all over again.

In the mean time, to quell the boredom, Jen and I have been renting a few movies. Here is what we watched, and my thoughts.

United 93 – It has a 91% approval rating on RT. I heard it was good when it came out, and that it was a very non biased movie (unlike World Trade Center). Even though the movie was out for a while I decided that I wanted to wait until I felt I was ready to watch a movie about 9/11. Granted I have never seen the WTC movie (just going on reviews). It was a fantastic movie, I thought it was very tastefully done with the consent of all of the U93 families. However as a result I will more then likely never watch this movie again. Much in the same way I have a hard time watching Schindler’s List. The subject matter makes it hard for me to watch. I HIGHLY recommend you watch it at least once.

The Prestige – 75% approval rating on RT. Jen and I had watched this before, via a computer screen. I recall being uncomfortable that night, and I just couldn’t sit still, and at the same time forgetting most of the movie. Well I’m glad we checked it out again. It was a fantastic movie. Bale, and Jackman were awesome, the subject matter and time period also made it a point of interest for me.

Over The Hedge – 74% approval rating from RT. Yeah, we got this mainly for Kayla. It was another excellent Pixar inspired film. Plenty of funnies for the kids and for the grown ups. Bruce Willis, Steve Carell, and William Shatner were just some of the voice talents, and they were all great. Kayla was insistent that she would not like this movie, but as you can guess….she ended up loving it. 🙂

The Queen – A big 97% approval rating from RT. The highest approved movie was the one I least enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong, I thought it was a good movie. It was interesting to gain insight to the royal family and the British government before, during, and after the events of Diana’s death. At the end of the day though Jen and I thought that it was good for a one time watch, but I doubt we will ever see it again, unless in passing on TV.

Freedom Writers – Just fell short of being certified at a 69% approval rating on RT. Theese movies (while they might seem corny) are effective because they are true. Jen and I liked this movie a lo. It spoke to us a children of the 90’s and as parents. I highly suggest a rental for this one. I was kind of put off by it at first as it’s just not my bag, but at the end of the day i ended up loving it.


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