Well…Zenders was good right?

September 23, 2007

Lots of boring. That’s been the menu of choice as of late. Well…probably not “of choice”, but it’s what has been dealt. I am really desperate to find some new web and/or video work. We are really hard up for cash theese days. Unfortunately the well may have gone dry on me on that venture.

EPIC is closing on week number three of it’s hiatus. And hey! Only eighteen more to go! Luckily for you, nobody can read sarcasm on the internet. Here, this might help.

[sarcasm]And hey! Only eighteen more to go![/sarcasm]

My brother loaned me his partially working Xbox. I figured this would be a good way to cure my boredom when I really needed something to do. Unfortunately for me I got hooked on the Baseball game, but suffer a high price as whenever I shut the damn thing down it won’t start again for a week.

Either way, today went well. It was Jen’s parents 45th wedding anniversary. They took the whole famil out to eat at Zenders in Frankenmuth. Food was excellent as always. I had a great open face steak sandwich.

I hope tomorrow goes by quickly. Fortunately Heroes comes back on Monday, and House comes back on Tuesday. So atleast for those two days I will have something to do and write about!


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