It’s Not The World Series

October 1, 2007


The Tigers played their last game of the season today. It was a crushing win over the Chicago White Sox 13-3. Most people you’ll run into will say this season was a failure. I’m obviously not one of those. I thought they had a great season. Yeah, they could have done better, but every team the DOESN’T win the World Series could have done better. I know they aren’t gonna make the playoffs every year. But as long as they are a contender, I’m a happy camper.

Jen, Kayla, and myself had a blast attending the Tigers/Mariners game earlier this month, and we all want to go back next year. We finished in second place, and that’s fine by me. With all of the injuries this year and the constant subbing of guys for minor leaguers we managed to keep it close all the way up to the last week of the season.

Besides, if you can’t find joy in the way the team finished as a whole, you can take some enjoyment in how well they played on an individual basis.

– Magglio has one the batting title. He had the best batting average in all of baseball this year (.363).
– Verlander pitched a no-hitter in his second year as a pro, and has had 17+ win seasons for both as well.
– Todd Jones earned his 300th career save.
– Polonco and Maggs both got over 200 hits (career bests for both).
– Pudge moved into third place for most games caught in baseball history.
– Curtis Grandersong became only the 6th man to ever get a 20-20-20 season (20 HR, 20 Doubles, and 20 Triples). Then he became only the third man in babseball history to earn a 20-20-20-20 (20 HR, 20 Doubles, 20 Triples, and 20 Steals) in one season.Oh yeah, HEY! THE LIONS WON! AGAIN!!!


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