Episode 2

October 3, 2007

I figured since nothing else happened on Monday I’d just wait until now to write about my day today, and yesterday. They consisted of three things, all of them were TV related (how sad).


Heroes on Monday was really good. I have the feeling that I will never get enough of this show. I learned from last season that the first few episodes are little slow, as far as the main story getting under way. I’m not on the edge of my seat yet, but I most certainly will be in fairly short order.

I’m really digging the Hiro/Kensei storyline that’s going on. Nothing else has really been developed enough, but I can really see it going somewhere.

We also watched the second episode of this show called Journyman. They managed to win us over enough to once again check it out next week. It’s about a man who involuntarily travels through time, seemingly to follow a person and help them in some way. It also appears that his former fiance also does this (she apparently is dead in his present) but he runs into her while time traveling. Not much has been explained regarding that. However, it’s been enough to keep us interested.


House continues it’s reign of awesomeness. Tonight’s episode was one of those really wacky ones where he will go so far beyond reason to solve a mystery, that it almost seems silly. Next week’s episode also seems to be one of theese. Sometimes I like them, sometimes not as much. I guess it really depends on my mood that day. Today I really enjoyed “House Survivor”. I’m more interested to see how his original team eventually comes back together.


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