Yeah Because They Suck

October 7, 2007

Theese are the words I hear out the mouth of beautiful four year old girl in reference to the Indians and the Yankees. See now that the Tigers are out of the post season I’m picking my favorites on both sides. This year I’m pick the Diamond Back, and The Rockies in the NL, and the Indians, and the Red Sox in the AL. I’m officially rooting for the Rockies and the Red Sox though. The D-Back swept the Cubs, and the Rockies swept the Phillies. The Sox are on the verge of sweeping the Angels, as I type this as a matter of fact. The Indians play the Yankees later tonight. The Yanks are on the verge of being swept as well. I’m not an Indians fan either, so I’m hoping for a Red Sox World Series berth.

By the way, I did make sure to admonish my child to not use the word “suck” in the future.

Weekend was very very very very very very uneventful. We went to church with Jen’s parents today. Afterwards we had a small cook-in with some hot dogs and chips. Jen’s Dad and i watched the Lions get obliterated, then we all went out to Mussel Beach to score some Ice Cream on this blazingly hot OCTOBER day.

Atleast I have Heroes and House to look forward to tomorrow.


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