Peace Of Mind

October 9, 2007

As I sit here listening to the entire Boston discography I have noticed today has quietly turned into a good day. First and foremost I finally got the Boston discography to download. Then I was almost immediately saddened to learn that the lead singer Brad Delp had committed suicide earlier this year. Boston was before my time, bu my parents both LOVED them. They quickly grew on me as well, at a young age I might add. They have been and will continue to be one of my favorite bands of all time.

However my day got better. I finally got the Xbox working again. I can alleviate my boredom for a while anyway. That was nice. I also pitched my first VG Baseball perfect game. Oddly enough it was with Jeremy Bonderman, who had been my most unreliable pitcher thus far.



The show has really started to pick up steam. It was a lot of fun. We are starting to see the pieces come together. It was a little slow starting at first, but it was like that last season as well. I can’t say I’m very impressed by the “Wonder Twins From Mexico” storyline. Outside of that I’m pretty intrigued by everything else. I can’t wait to see where and how it all plays out.

Add to that, the Yankees have been eliminated by the Indians~! A pretty damn fine day if I say so myself.


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