Good TV On A Monday Night

October 16, 2007

Heroes has reached episode number four. This right about where season one started to take off a little bit. It was no different this year. I think it was the best episode thus far. The wonder twins meeting up with Sylar was a cool way to tie in some storylines (which is usually when Heroes starts to shine). Next weeks episode also looks really sweet as well.Also Journeyman is really starting to turn into an interesting watch.

At first we though it was a little interesting, but probably wouldn’t keep our interest long enough to keep tuning in. However, this is week number four and the show keeps getting more interesting every week. It’s on right after Heroes.

Kayla went to the local fire department as a field trip for her school. She had lots of fun and even scored a free stuffed animal along with a lot of other cool (for a four year old) stuff.

Also congrats go out to the Colorado Rockies who swept the Diamondbacks to win the NLCS~! I’m rooting for you Rockies. The year the Rockies debuted I was so excited about new a new baseball team that I bought a Rockies cap. The only other cap from a baseball team I’ve ever owned.


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