Hey Cat Stevens

October 26, 2007

Just a quick passing reminder. House was awesome on Tuesday. Foreman is back working with House. Next weeks episode looks really good.

Jen, Kayla, and myself watch Shrek The Third.

We all thought it was really cute. I’m a big fan of the Shrek series. In my opinion it’s much better the the Austin Powers series which (to me) hasn’t held up well over time. I never expect much going into a kids movie or a movie aimed at kids, but Shrek always manages to make me laugh and I always leave feeling like I’ve watched a movie that also appeals to me.

Dan came over last night. I checked out his new PSP we grabbed some McDonalds and Taco Bell for everyone and we rented Knocked Up.

This was a great movie. If you can withstand all the dick and fart jokes that is. I thought that’s what made this so good. They managed to perfectly blend the jokes with the nice overall story. I’ve been told they have done the same exact thing with The 40 Year Old Virgin, and Superbad (both of which I now intend to check out because of this gem).

We also ordered Spider-Man 3 last night. Apparently nobody likes the full screen format anymore. Well until somebody buys me a Widescreen TV the widescreen format can fuck off!


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