The Week In TV

November 14, 2007

Oh yeah I know it’s only Wednesday, but  my TV watching for the week is already done.  I guess only watching three TV shows on a regular basis  helps, and that all of those shows take place on Monday and Tuesday.

Heroes was pretty good this week. I didn’t dig as much as in previous episodes, only becuase this was more of an “explanation” episode and I prefer my stuff to be more of a “progress with the storyline” type of episode. It was cool to see some of things happen although ultimately I think it would have been more then possible to just flash back to those things as none of them (I thought) were very major. Still, a pretty good episode. Next week looks much better.

Journeyman  was really good once again. I have to do some searching around the net to see if there is some sort of opinion of this show. Jen and I are pretty locked into it now. I suggest you check it out. It’s on right after Heroes.

House brought the awesomeness once again. This is turning into one of the best, if not the best season of House thus far.

On the home front I think I’m starting to get sick. Jen and Kayla have both had something and are now getting over it. She missed school on Monday but went back yesterday.


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