The Next Week In TV

November 21, 2007

Monday – Heroes continues to bring the goods. Last week was a bit of a slow-go but it picked right back up this week. West and HRG teaming up managed to make West look bad ass, and the closure stuff between Hiro and his father were really great. Next weeks episode looks even better! The shot with Hiro holding his sword to Peters throat was the hook for next week.

Journeyman continues to improve and I’m still shocked there isn’t more buzz about it. I think the storyline is playing out so well. It’s to far in to try and spell it all out you should just go watch it.

Tuesday – House pushes onwards with it’s bad ass-ery. The Cuddy thong story and House Survivior is making this the best season (maybe) of the series.

Yeah, nothing happened since last week. Sad huh?


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