Seriously!?! January!?!

November 28, 2007

One more week of Heroes left before the big break and/or the end of the season……………It was a really good episode once again I can’t wait to see what they do to wrap things up. I’m really hoping for a huge Kensai/Hiro face off/battle~!

Journeyman also continues to get better and better every week. I’m not sure how many more episodes JM has finished but they won’t be back on for two weeks, so no new Journeyman next week……………..


House was really fantastic! At the end of the day House fired Amber aka “Cut Throat Bitch”, and “13” and hired Taubs, and Kutler in spite of Cutty. At the end of the day he was also able to hire “13” and get his way in having a four person team instead of a three person team. House won’t be back with new shows until JANUARY! BULLSHIT!


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