Doctor Dick Dirty

December 2, 2007

The above was Kayla’s attempt to say “contradictory”, we got a good laugh out of it. We finished up all of our Christmas shopping for the most part. We still have to buy gifts for Jen’s Mom, and her two brothers. We had them all taken care having bought some gifts through a place called Lakeside (which has nice stuff for super cheap). When we ordered the items they failed to let us know that two of the three things we ordered were on back order and our order wouldn’t ship until they were back in stock. So we just canceled the order all together and we are going to try our luck next week when Jen gets paid again.

We are going out to my parents house today just to get out of here for a while. Other then that, not a lot has been going on. We have all of our Christmas decorations up and ready to go though, can’t wait!


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