December 29, 2007

Happy birthday to my Dad! Without him…..well I wouldn’t be here to type “happy birthday”.

We’ve pretty much went through the all of the movies I got for Xmas. 99% of them we have seen before, and it was just cool to watch them again. Jen and I had never seen The Bourne Ultimatum before though.

We have seen (and own) the first two movies “Identity” and “Supremacy”. We really loved those two, and went in blindly in asking for the third one. We weren’t let down, that’s for sure. It was really, really awesome. In fact I think it might be the best of the three films. Paul Greengrass really did something pretty original in how he related the 2nd and 3rd films together. I’m so glad we’ve got it!

Outside of this, not a whole lot is going on. Jen is starting college soon pursuing a degree  in Human Services Management. It looks like I might be going as well looking for a degree in Information Technology, however I haven’t totally mademy mind up, and I’m holding out for some chance of still getting into to media production.

Kayla starts school again on the 3rd, and on the 4th I head back down to Ann Arbor to set up my reconstructive foot surgery.


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