Light Up The Dark

January 12, 2008

Unfortunately there isn’t a lot to report on the home front these days. We had a bout of fuzz math and apparently paid our rent ahead one month so we’ll have some extra money for a few weeks. Not to anyone reading, you should be frightened if THIS is the high point of the last few weeks.

Jen and I got our hands on a screener copy of “I Am Legend” which is in the theaters currently.

We highly suggest you check it out. It was a really good movie, and even though a pretty heavy action flick Will Smith continues to be great. I’ve been a fan ever since the Fresh Prince days, but he has become so much more then that. He really won me over in the “Pursuit Of Happyness”.

Man I really hope the writers strike ends soon. I miss Heroes and House (which only has three remaining episodes left starting on the 29th).


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