An Ode To Wrestling

January 21, 2008

So certain things have been popping up here and there about our wrestling promotion (that will be starting up in March). I thought I should get this out there before we begin, you know, for the kids.

I HATE the wrestling business. I love wrestling matches, hate the business. In fact you’ll be hard pressed to find any single aspect about the business that I like. Not just the backstabbing and politicking (which to me ruins what is so fun about wrestling), but everything down to the stupid egocentric and childish “unwritten rules of conduct and respect”.

To me I see wrestling as a bunch of guys who get act like kids whose parents are away for the weekend. Or better yet a giant frat house where they can play secret society and make up rules and treat people like shit to make themselves feel powerful (possibly because they themselves were treated like shit by those who came before them, also bullshit).

Respect, this is what is touted and demanded most of all. I respect that Ric Flair has busted his ass and put on some of the greatest matches of all time. I’ll respect that, because I’ve seen that. I have no respect for him otherwise. And let me stop you there. It’s not that I refuse to respect him, I just have no reason to. I don’t know the man personally, respect is earned is it not? Furthermore I refuse to give a person special treatment because of their work or what they’ve done. I refuse to live in the make believe world that wrestling wants to exist in. My father is the most senior employee at his place of employment but he doesn’t get preferential treatment because of it. That’s how it works in reality, that’s how it should work in wrestling. I’ll respect your work, but I refuse to treat anyone differently based on that. If you want real respect earn it by being a decent person.

Most wrestlers only care about making money. Wrestling schools are run by guys who can’t make a living off wrestling so they open a school and charge insane prices. I’ll tell you from experience that most of what you need to know can be taught in a month (depending on how adept to wrestling you are) the rest is learned through “on the job experience” and talking to veterans about what they have learned. I think it’s common knowledge that there have been A LOT of wrestlers who were trained but never went through a school. There are even a large hand full of guys who never trained until they broke in somewhere.

Wrestling is a scummy business populated by a lot of scumbags. Chances are if you hear a wrestler saying someone is disrespecting the business it’s because those people are probably doing what they can’t or couldn’t do and they are jealous as a result. Either that or they have been brainwashed, it’s hard to differentiate sometimes.


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