Empty Space

January 24, 2008

Not much going on really. Some good news on the horizon though. House still has three new episodes left, and they will start airing next Tuesday. Better yet, it seems the the WGA strike may FINALLY be nearing it’s end. Good in that House and Heroes can continue to produce new episodes.

We also heard back from our Tax Preparer and it looks like we will have a return of about $3,200~! That is probably not a lot to most people but it’s practically a fortune to us poor folk. We will surely be buying many a need item around here (and a couple unnecessary ones as well).

The HQ and HD versions of the Star Trek teaser trailer is online now. You can check it out HERE.

On the shittier side of things, I was pretty shocked to learn about the death of Heath Ledger. I’m pretty sure his death was accidental, and I’m still looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight.


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