February 4, 2008

The good ol’ tax money came in. We bought many a new thing. We had to get a new DVD player (the old one was crapping out on us) although I think it’s really just sort of a stop-gap measure as we are planning on movin’ on up to HI-DEF~! next year.

We also picked up the entire series of Seinfeld on DVD. It cost a crazy $200 bucks but it was worth it. Also picked up a few more movies. Oh yeah and the iPOD Touch’s Jen got the 8GB and I picked up the 16GB.

We also went to see Juno last night.

God damn was this an awesome movie! I was hoping to go see Cloverfield (which I still want to see)  but Dan wanted to see this more, and I’m glad we went to check it out. It was a truly awesome flick.

The Super Bowl is on right now, I’m not really caring. New episode of House is on after it though. That will be pretty sweet.


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