He Eats Cats!

February 25, 2008

I’ve had a really good weekend. I tried to push away the stress I’m starting to feel in relation to the Epic show. Friday we went out with my parents. We went to the Texan for dinner, it was okay. Jen picked up some stuff at Meijer afterwards, we also picked up a semi-decent digital camera.

I ordered the the complete Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Enterprise series. Two down, two more to go~! I also finished signing up for school and my financial aid. I’m going for an associates degree in business, and a bachelors in information technology with a specialty in media and visual communications. All in all it will take me three years, hopefully it will be worth it.

Yesterday Jen and I went to see Vantage Point at the Bay City mall.

It didn’t get a lot of critical acclaim but I thought it was a fun popcorn flick. Just something to sit back, watch ,and have fun watching. I will say this however. WORST PREVIEWS EVER! Man! Aside from the traile for the Chronicles Of Narnia (which I had already seen on the net) there wasn’t a single decent preview.

Well after that we went an picked up some movies. Jen saw that they had ALF on DVD. I loved ALF growing up, it was a favorite of mine and I couldn’t help but pick it up. We grabbed three of the four seasons and watching the first part of season one brought back a lot of memories, and the greatest thing of all is how well the show still stands up, it still has a lot of bits that are really, really funny.


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