Weak Week

February 28, 2008

Things couldn’t be moving slower……………………. Okay I suppose it COULD be slower, but as slow weeks go, this one is pretty slow. Today marks the fourth day in a row that Jen is working a long shift. It hardly feels like she is even here anymore. I have to say that while it’s good to get some extra hours and therefore extra money, it sucks that she has to be gone so much.

I got accepted into school officially and I am going to tie up all the loose ends today after I take Kayla down to the bus stop.

I can say that since we got the entire Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and ALF series’s on DVD, I haven’t watched any real TV or news in quite some time. What I know about everything I have learned from the webernet.

I guess the biggest news this week is that the Tiger’s spring training season has finally started! They crushed some local area Florida College team 17-4 in an exhibition and they beat the Mets 4-2 in their first actual spring training game.


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