Is This How Normal People Live? GOD NO!

March 4, 2008

I officially hate March. This month is unacceptable! I’m use to having like one or two things to do a month.

3/4: Register Kayla for Kindergarten
3/7: Meeting with Kayla’s Teachers
3/10: Two hour drive for an MRI in Ann Arbor
3/13: Apartment Inspection
3/15: Parents Anniversary
3/18: Another two hour drive and appointment in Ann Arbor
3/22: First Epic show

Also feel free to keep in mind that i have officially started class today. I’m currently taking two classes (GEN105 and COM140) so add in to those dates the fact that I’ll have homework to do every day.


One comment

  1. Amazing, that you’ve found a forum for any little bit of whimsy that crosses your mind.

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