At Rest

March 16, 2008

Finally! A little bit of downtime. Everything has been cleared away from the schedule except for my visit back to Ann Arbor on Tuesday, and the Epic show next Saturday.

I’m looking forward to just doing a little bit of house work and then some good old fashion relaxing.

I’ve started to finally make a dent in the number of TV shows to watch. I’m halfway through season six of Star Trek: TNG, once that’s done I have season one of the original Star Trek, and all four seasons on Enterprise. Add to this that I have season one of Night Court and the Freaks & Geeks collection waiting for me in my Netflix Queue. I have since gone through the first five seasons of TNG, all four seasons of ALF, season one of Heroes, and the first three seasons or House…….. Oh and all nine seasons of Seinfeld~!

I’ll have some good updates for everyone on Wedsnday after i hear from my doctor. I’m expecting surgery sometime in June.


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