Input Failure

March 25, 2008

So I went to the doctors on the 18th. We are definitely doing the surgery. I’m going to be off my feet for a couple weeks, and I won’t be back to myself for upwards of eight weeks. The surgery will be sometime in June. We haven’t picked a date yet.

The Epic show was on the 22nd. For me, the end result was a lot mixed emotions. Everyone worked hard. There were even a couple of great matches. The over all feeling wasn’t there for me though. The coheasiveness and teamwork wasn’t quite there. I really want this to be a place where we are friends, problems can get resolved and so forth. If someone isn’t “ready” yet then offer them some advice, help them out, constructive criticism. If your here to look out for yourself then your in the wrong place. I’ve already written at great length for my disdain of the wrestling business in general and how my ideas and it’s do not mix. If people want to be selfish, look out for themselves, and tear down others and build up themselves then there just isn’t a place for that kind of attitude here. You’ll fit in great elsewhere though. It’s just not the atmosphere I’m looking for. If it’s not bothering us, then it shouldn’t be bothering you. Obviously we want to make things better, but just saying someone did a shit job doesn’t fix anything, nor help. I hope people will keep that in mind in the future.

I did throw together a rather sloppy teaser together. The YouTube version can be seen below. The better version can be found on the Epic Site, which is located in the links on the right.

If you get a chance, check out Thank You For Smoking.

Jen and I watched it on one of the many pay channels we have currently. I don’t remember which. But it was a really awesome movie. Highly suggested. I am eagerly awaiting my next set of Netflix movies as well. And the days are counting down to season one of NIGHT COURT~!


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