Prince Casper Van Dien

May 19, 2008

Jen, Dan, and I went to go see the latest Chronicles Of Narnia flick “Prince Caspian”. I thought it was a really great movie, worthy of the praise it’s been getting. I can see where some of the negative reviews come from however.

It was indeed a lot darker then the first installment, and I am awaiting the third (due in 2010). This is but the first stop in our on going series of movies we plan to see this summer. Iniana Jones is next up. We are checking that one out next weekend.

Raiders came out before I was born, and I had only seen a glimpse or two of Temple Of Doom. My Dad took me to see The Last Crusade which got me hooked on the previous two movies, and I’ve been a huge Indy fan ever since. Words can’t describe how excited I am to see Harrison Ford dawn the Fedora one last time.


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