Bondo Out, Iron Man IN!

June 8, 2008

Bondo will be out the rest of the season with an injury. Hopefully he will recover, and be good to go next year. Best of luck to him.

Luckily though the Tiger’s put forth a win yesterday.

The Stanley Cup was placed on the grass of the Copa and Edgar smashed a grand slam to put the Tigers over the Indians to snap an all to long and all to often losing streak.

Jen, Kayla, and I had to stay at my parents place Friday night/Saturday morning. He had some pretty bad storms out this way, and we were out at their place for a Loons game in Midland, that was rained out, and when we got back to our place our power was off, so we stayed over there. Jen and I also checked out Iron Man.

It was really, really awesome. Worthy of the praise it had been getting. I’m one of those people who think they are making to many comic book movies, but when they are as good, and as fun as this one it’s hard to wish that they wouldn’t make anymore. I am cautiously optimistic, and excited about IM2.


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