My Hell

July 14, 2008

So here I am……..Finally back at home. I’m just barely able to sit at the computer and do work is short bursts. A far cry from what I was expecting.

Way back on the 26th I went in for my surgery. The trip down there went fine, all the prep went fine. I wake up from surgery with no movement in either of my arms from the elbows down to my hands. The nerves were stretched. Think having you foot fall asleep and not regaining feeling for a few days.

I had to stay at the hospital for four days and three nights. I had to do rehab to make sure my arm strength would allow me to get around.

Then I spent two weeks living at my parents place recovering. All the while missing home and my family.

Went for my two week check up a few days ago. All is well I guess. They put me in a walking boot, which I am still not aloud to walk in, and it’s wholly uncomfortable. Jen passed out in the in the room with me, which scared the shit out of me. We had to take her to emergency at UOFM. We were there all night. She is okay.

This sucks. All of it. My foot hurts so I’m taking off, not nearly as long as I wanted this to be……….


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