What A Difference A Few Days Can Make

July 19, 2008

I am feeling better. I haven’t taken any pain medication in three days, and I even managed to sleep for five hours last night, that is a brand new record, one that I am extremely proud of.

I use to pride myself on not needing a lot of sleep, and being a bit of a “night owl”. But I haven’t had more then two hours of sleep per night since the week of the surgery, which we are nearing the one month anniversary of.

Not everything is coming up roses. I haven’t even had a chance to think about the next Epic show (less then a month away), I still need help to do a lot of things, I can’t yet walk on my own two feet, my hands still aren’t the same, plus there is a high probability that I will be missing out on The Dark Knight, Hellboy II, and a few other flicks I wanted to see.

I am busy though. I’m starting to catch up with the Epic work, plus I am putting together a site for Ohio’s Hybrid Wrestling.

We got our first laptop as well. I need it for school (I can only sit at the computer for a limited amount of time). It’s a real nice lappy, but came way to loaded with features for what we really needed it for (running Microsoft Office), but i guess you can’t buy a computer anymore without it being loaded with crap.


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