Battle Tested

July 29, 2008

If there is one thing I have learned about going through this kind of surgery, and this experience in general it’s that you have to take it one day at a time. You know…..I know that’s a pretty common saying for someone to hear in my shoes, and I usually don’t take a lot of credence in that sort of stuff, but man has it ever been true to me.

Some days it’s a breeze to get through, the time flies. Some days it’s a struggle. Yesterday was a big day for me. Even though I still can’t walk on both feet, I managed to make it up our fifteen stairs and get into the shower for the first time in a month (sponge bathing before that). I will never take showers for granted ever again. I just sat in there and let the water run for a good ten minutes before I even bothered to start washing up.  Getting up and down the stairs comes with a pretty heavy price, it wreaks some pretty decent havoc on my right knee. However it will be worth it a few times a week to take a shower and sleep in my own bed (something I haven’t done since before the surgery).

I watched The Dark Knight the other day. I wasn’t able to go see it in the theater thanks to my foot, so I had to rely on my high speed internet connection to help me watch a washed out shitty hand held cam job. It was watchable, but just barely. Let’s just say it was watchable enough for me to enjoy it. I’ll say this much, it’s automatically right up there with my favorite movies of all time. I loved the original Batman movies as a kid but grew to loathe them as an adult. However the Christopher Nolan series has breathed new life in to the series.  Just and awesome, AWESOME movie!

The next Epic show is coming in a couple of weeks. I’m real excited to see everyone again, and on paper it’s our best show to date, and it’s the show I’ve been waiting for since we got Stage 1 in motion. It sucks that I will be at the audio table the whole show, I’d really like to hang out with everyone in the back and before the show. Sadly the table and the chair is where I will be planted.

In other news the Tiger’s suck. Better luck next year I suppose. I mean barring some sort of wild and crazy comeback. However the Tiger’s M.O. this year has been “WE ARE A DOORMAT FOR NO TEAM!!! ……….. FOR A FEW GAMES…………………Then………..doormat………”


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