Tired….Can’t Be Excited

August 10, 2008

The third Epic show is right around the bend. It’s this coming Friday. This is the show I should be the most excited about. When my friend Matt and I first knew we were going to have the ball rolling on this thing, this is sort of the milestone we were waiting for. Now I am finding myself WAY to tired to be excited or worried about it.

I’ve had around three good nights of sleep in the last month and a half due to the long recuperating process that followed my surgery. On that topic, I have another appointment in Ann Arbor on Tuesday. It’s my fourth week check-up since they placed the walking boot on my foot. Jen’s hope is that they clear me to walk with the boot and start a slow progression back to walking normally again.  My guess is that we will get the “well come back in another four weeks” speech that I’m dreading to hear, but it’s the one I am pretty sure is coming.

In other news I finally finished my remaining homework assignments I had in my classes. I pretty much milked my extension for all that it was worth. I ended up with B’s in both classes so alls well that ends well.

I’ll start my new classes on Monday.

I am so tired of my foot, this boot, and everything surrounding it right now.


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