Long Time No Update

August 24, 2008

Okay let’s do this on the quick.

The third Epic show was some highs and some lows. We had the best paid attendance thus far, it’s nice to see an improvement there. The show was a little disjointed, and sloppy. We tried to do a little to much and should have just kept it simple. Things to work on for shows down the road.

The Olympics this year have been fantastic, from Phelps, to Basketball, to Gymnastics, great Olympics. I’m actually a bit excited for 2012 in London.

The new Metallica single “The Day That Never Comes” is fucking excellent. The best I’ve heard them in quite some time. I actually liked St. Anger, but this new record sounds like it is going to be amazing, and a call back to the And Justice For All days.

My foot is slowly improving every day. By next Tuesday I will be allowed to put about 80lbs of weight down on it. By the end of September I should be able to put my full weight back on it, and start walking again.

It’s been tough around here lately, nerves are kind of frayed. This whole ordeal has put a strain on everyone (Kayla included).

She is starting school soon. Kindergarten here we come!


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