In The Corner

September 4, 2008

Do you ever felt let down by your government? I have watched both major parties conventions. I fancy myself an independent. But I lean towards Obama. I’ve been able to fathom that hate that exists on the Republican side towards Gays. The pro-life vs. pro-choice stuff is a tough argument. The hate towards gays I’ll never understand. I’m not Gay, I don’t even know a Gay person (as far as I know, I’ve never thought it polite to ask). I just can’t fathom it. Nor can I fathom a God who would share in the same hate, not to mention place it as a duty on people to spread that shit. The God I was raised to believe in would be saddened by it.

That’s not what compelled me to write this though. I have a question to pose to all that reads this. Suppose a person runs for president. Suppose this person goes on TV and says what he or she plans to do as president for their country. Suppose this person never even says “my opponent” followed by a long run down of how said opponent would certainly fuck up the world. Suppose this person never says a bad thing about his or her opponent, never releases an attack ad, in fact only releases ads about his or hers plans upon becoming president.

Supposing all of these things would anyone care about this person let alone elect them president? You don’t have to answer. I think we all know it. I personally find it hard to be proud of a country where we rely on  verbal attacks, belittling, accusations, fear, lies, and division to win over the hearts and minds of our fellow countrymen. This can be applied to both parties. And while nothing is perfect, the first presidential races were not perfect, I think we can say that they have only progressed downwards since then.

One can only hope that through all of this talk about change, that one of these people can actually start paving a road towards it.


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