Seas Of Gold

September 16, 2008

So things could be going better right now. I won’t bore you with the details (I probably wrote about it a few posts ago anyway). Jenny and I were able to pay our electric bill. Today was the day it was suppose to be shut down. Cable gets shut off tomorrow, nothing we can do about that. We just wrote a rent check that we don’t have the money for. Hopefully the financial strain will fade after this. This has fucking sucked.

Trying to keep on the bright side of things, I’ve been watching a lot of TV via my DVD collection. Starting Season of Star Trek: Enterprise. Jenny and I also watched some movies we’ve been wanting to see.

Okay. At first I was the only one who wanted to watch this. But Jen and I both loved it! Absolutely hilarious. At this point Judd Apatow and the Freaks & Geeks crew can do no wrong. Jason Segal was awesome! Besides you get to see Kristen Bell half naked a lot and Mila Kunis topless (albeit shitface drunk, and in a still picture) but still. All kidding aside these movies never fail to win me over.

After that we watched Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Again….AWESOME! A different tone then the first, and more comedy I think, but defintely more evolved story wise from the first. It caught me off guard how different it seemed at first, but it grew on me before the end. To bad the the third won’t be out until what? 2036?

In other news I have listened to “Death Magnetic”, the latest from Metallica. Now I have been a die hard fan since And Justice For All. I own all the studio releases (yes, even St. Anger), and I love them all (yes, even St. Anger).

I am slowly working my way ino this new one. It took a while but I took a liking to most of the tracks on St. Anger. Granted I’m not the guy who listens to all of the technical shit, I don’t try to measure crisp the score is or anything like that. I just listen, if I like it, then I’ll know. Simple. Either way, I am digging The Day That Never Comes and The Unforgiven III, I am easing my in, and I’m sure in a few months I’ll be listening to most of the other songs on a regular basis.


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