What It Takes

October 7, 2008

First things first, the doctor appointment couldn’t have gone better. I am now walking in my boot without the walker. Progress is slow, and it still hurts alot, but the pain is decreasing day by day.

Heroes was really good last night.

As I said in my last post, this is where the show traditionally picks up, and I think it did just that. This is the making of one hell of a great season, I can feel it.

No House tonight, the most suck.

In the baseball department both teams that I wanted to win the NL got their asses handed to them (Brewers, and Cubs). On the other hand both teams in the AL were awesome (Red Sox, Rays). So atleast one of the teams I’m rooting for will end up in the World Series. Right now I am still rooting for the Rays to take it all. Should they falter then I’m all for back to back Red Sox championships.

In the donwer news of the week, Kayla is having problems at school. She’s an impulsive kid, and just doesn’t know how to keep it in check. Hope for the best, is all we can do I suppose. I’m a little lost at what to do here.


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