You Could Have Been President. Fuck You.

October 20, 2008

The weekend has come and gone. The foot is feeling slightly better, day by day. We finally erased all debt today! YES~! Finally things are not looking as shitty as they once were.

Yesterday Jenny and I took Kayla to my parents place for the day. Jenny and myself also went to see W. with my brother.

This was a darn good movie. It’s going to do horrible box office though. It was a pretty unbiased and straight laced look at at his life. It was most definately a character study, and humanized “W”. You certainly felt like he would be a fun guy to hang out with, and there are points where you certainly feel for him, and yet this is not done to such an extent where it really excuses him or the people he surrounded him with.

Oh yeah and what’s this????

RAYS WIN! RAYS WIN! RAYS WIN! RAYS WIN! Now on to the World Series where the Phillies now face the curse of the well rested team. The Tigers were well rested in 2006 after demolishing the Yankess and A’s only to be squashed by the Cards (who played a long hard series with the Mets and got virtually no break). Last year the Rockies dominated the first two rounds only to lose to the Red Sox who got virtually no break after beating the Indians. Fortuantely for me the team on the positive side of this curse is the team I a rooting for this year!


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